Global Employee Experience Manager at Travelport
"Faye listened to our ideas and challenged us with the right questions, the whys and the whats, to make sure the designs conveyed important actions and messages for our people which were also aligned with our company values and strategic priorities. She built relationships with many of our stakeholders of all levels across the globe, taking cultures and language into consideration as she developed and created global campaigns."
Alison Kerr, Ireland
Intranet Officer at Travelport
"One of Faye's most impressive qualities is her process-oriented mindset. She understands the value of efficiency and has been a driving force behind streamlining our team's processes. Her dedication to finding better, simpler ways of working has not only improved productivity but also fostered a sense of order and clarity within the team."
Kristen Cummings, USA
Junior Designer at Mace
"Faye is a passionate, dedicated and creative graphic designer who was a pleasure to work with. She is a strong and supportive manager, who always helps her team develop and improve their design skills. She approaches people and projects with a positive attitude and is able to confidently tackle any given brief. I hope to work with Faye again in the future."
Curtis Page, UK
Internal Communications Manager at Veolia
"Faye is one of the best designers I've worked with. She is crazy (which is why her ideas are the best) and comes up with entire concepts from end to end that really surprise, delight and hit the mark beyond expectations. She's great fun and as a side, if you ever need her to make a birthday card you should ask her what I mean...they are hilarious and genius!"
Natasha Liedl-McDowall, UK
Intranet specialist at Veolia
"Faye is one of the most creative, talented graphic designers I've had the fortune to work with. She has a unique flair for colour and composition and can do annoyingly interesting things with data when given the opportunity! Fiercely protective of brand guidelines, Faye can turn the strictest of briefs into a work of art."
Lisa Riemers, UK
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